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How to Objectively Determine if You’re Likely to Get an Interview.

Job seekers are burned out.

They are struggling to keep up motivation to keep going, tired of applying to jobs they are qualified for and not getting responses.

Here’s a way I recommend you increase efficiency:

Objectively determine if you’re likely to get an interview.

Here’s my own example.

After years in tech and moving to San Diego, I thought I’d try and get back into publicity. A couple of Google searches brought up a top public relations firm and they were hiring for a role that would be a fit for me. Great! I’ve worked with big brands, big celebs, knew how to do this role inside and out.

But I didn’t apply. Why?

Because I went to their company page and clicked on ‘People’.

And quickly saw that despite how qualified I was, how much my skills fit their needs, how enthusiastic I was about PR and excited to dedicate my expertise to their goals and contribute to their mission…

Maybe MAYBE I’d get an interview for appearances.


Companies can SAY who they are. But it’s easier to see how they SHOW you who they hire.

Before you apply for any job, look at the company ‘People’ page. Do you see anyone who looks like you in the roles you are applying for? Or in the company in general?

We can’t change the world that quickly but save yourself the time and apply for companies that you see a ‘you’ in who they hire.

Hope that helps improve your job search efficiency and relieve some of the burn out.