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Frequently Asked Questions...

Career coaching is a personalized service designed to help individuals achieve their career goals and overcome obstacles. It can benefit you by providing guidance, support, and strategies to make informed career decisions and achieve success.
You may benefit from career coaching if you feel stuck in your career, unsure about your goals, or need assistance with job searching, career transitions, or skill development.
I have [mention your qualifications and experience here], which enables me to provide expert guidance and support.
The process typically involves an initial consultation, goal setting, regular coaching sessions, action planning, and ongoing support to help you achieve your career objectives.

I typically work with job seekers with at least 8 years of work experience, but that level of experience is not required. I work with career upgraders, professionals who want to be prepared in case their current role is impacted, urgent job seekers, and professionals transitioning to new industries.

The duration varies based on your goals and needs. A 6-session course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and mastery of a conventional job search.

The outcomes include increased self-awareness, clarified career goals, improved job search strategies, enhanced networking skills, and overall career satisfaction.
I customize coaching plans to address your unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that our work together is tailored to your situation.
My approach includes resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, job search strategies, and guidance on navigating career transitions.
The frequency and duration of sessions depend on your preferences and needs. We can discuss and set a schedule that works for you.
Pricing details and package options can be found on the website [provide a link] or discussed during our initial consultation.
Yes, I can share references or success stories to illustrate the positive impact of career coaching.

You can schedule a consultation at

I use various assessments, exercises, and coaching techniques to help clients gain insight into their strengths, values, and career preferences
Yes, I provide support in crafting effective resumes, cover letters, and offer interview preparation sessions.
I offer strategies and tips to enhance your networking skills and create a strong professional brand online and offline.
Yes, I can help you create a career development plan to advance within your current company.
I use a combination of coaching, goal setting, problem-solving, and accountability to address challenges and overcome obstacles.
Yes, I provide post-coaching support and follow-up to ensure your continued success.
To get started, you can schedule an initial consultation through the website or contact me directly. The first step is discussing your goals and how career coaching can benefit you.

Outplacement Services

A virtual cohort learning course is an online program where a group of participants work together through a series of sessions to learn and achieve specific goals.
This course consists of 6 sessions, with each session typically lasting a set duration, such as 1-2 hours.
Please provide an overview of the key topics or subjects that participants will explore and learn during the course.
Virtual cohort courses emphasize group collaboration, peer learning, and a structured schedule, providing a more interactive and community-based learning experience.
Highlight the advantages of collaborative learning, networking, and the support participants can expect to receive from their cohort.
List the necessary technical requirements, such as a reliable internet connection, specific software, or hardware.

One-on-one sessions can be rescheduled; Group coaching sessions cannot.  Recordings of each session will be available soon after it is complete.

There are short preparation exercises that will be provided to you prior to the first session.