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Introduction to A Best Impression’s The Kinetic Methods

Introduction to the Kinetic Methods of Job Search

The goal of this work is to teach you a new, deeper approach to your own job search in order to land roles in companies that match your specific values and that will provide you with your self-identified opportunities.  

The Kinetic Methods provides that instruction, and by the end of the work, you’ll know why and how to complete each step so that you always remain in consideration for your top employers. 


What Will I Learn?

This will teach you why and how to evaluate your own needs and values that relate to your job and the employer you work for and why and how to optimize and maximize each separate step of an end to end job search so that you are making a positive impression that reflects your title, experience, and work ethic.  

When you think about when we have to hire someone, it’s typically for their expertise.  Whether it’s a plumber, a mechanic, a realtor, or accountant, it’s because we have a problem that needs to be solved.  You may think that there are enough resources available on YouTube and online that you can learn this yourself.  That is true.  That’s the same for fixing our car or submitting our taxes to the IRS.  But these are important problems and doing them incorrectly can have consequences.  Your home may be damaged, your car may be dangerous, you may get audited. Your career is not a roof, it’s not a spreadsheet, it’s not pipes or shingles. It’s something that needs attention, thought, direction, and then

When you consider the time you may have to invest, the resources you’ll have to vet, then the actual learning and testing of what you’ve learned…unless this is a skill you want to dedicate this time to, a career coach can provide expert one-on-one, custom instruction, direction, and support.  

Job Search is a competition. 

That is too important to try and fix ourselves.  There are consequences if we don’t do it right.  Job Search is a competition.  I tell my clients what I think they earnestly  need to hear in order to win.  Why win?  Because job search is a competition, and with remote work looking more permanent each month, you’re now competing far beyond your town, city, state, and country.  There can only be one winner. 

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