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Walk the Walk

What is
Walk the Walk Pro?

When someone refers to ‘walk the walk’, they are showing that something is true by your actions rather than your words.  Informally, it means ‘to do the things that one says it will do.’

Walk the Walk Pro is an advanced online resume creation tool created by A Best Impression and specifically designed to help mid-level professionals create resumes befitting of their experience and stand out to hiring managers by showing that they have the prior experience solving similar problems rather than telling.  This helps job seekers sail through Applicant Tracking Systems, all with the goal of helping you land interviews for jobs you want.

It is designed to help professionals and job seekers who:

  • Apply for jobs but don’t get called for interviews
  • Do not know how to write for applicant tracking systems
  • Want to transfer their experience to a new industry
  • Struggle to talk positively about themselves
  • Don’t know what information to include or how to spotlight it
  • Would rather not apply for a job than go through an application process
Walk the Walk Pro is not a shortcut. It takes effort, and effort is obvious to hiring managers. You’re in the right place if you value and pride yourself on standing out from the crowd and value how what you put your name on represents you.

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