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The Kinetic Methods

Introduction to the Kinetic Methods

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your job search? Frustrated by sending out countless resumes and not getting the responses you deserve? Or perhaps you’re seeking a more effective way to position yourself for that dream job?

Look no further – the Kinetic Methods are here to revolutionize the way you approach your career journey. This course is your gateway to a world of strategic job search techniques, designed to help you navigate and excel in today’s competitive job market.  

The tools and insights we share have a proven track record — they’ve helped past participants not only land job interviews but also secure solid job offers. With The Kinetic Methods, you’re not just searching for a job; you’re paving a pathway to professional fulfillment and triumph.

What are the Kinetic Methods?

The Kinetic Methods represent A Best Impression’s innovative 6-step strategy, transforming job searches by infusing them with energy and momentum. Our approach is rooted in strategy, logic, and a deep understanding of human nature.

Each step of The Kinetic Methods is intuitively simple and meticulously designed to build upon the last. Completing the process empowers professionals to master a distinctive, effective job search technique. This technique not only focuses on the development of compelling marketing materials but also ensures applicants are thoroughly prepared for job interviews. More importantly, it aligns candidates with organizations that resonate with their personal values.

By employing The Kinetic Methods, job seekers craft a personal brand that captivates hiring managers, securing interviews for positions that truly align with their values and aspirations. Embark on a journey with us, where your job search becomes a targeted mission, leading to a role where you don’t just fit in — you thrive.

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Learn it once. Leverage it for a lifetime!

Why Choose the Kinetic Methods

In today’s dynamic job market, traditional job-seeking tactics simply don’t cut it. The Kinetic Methods cater to professionals at every career stage, providing a revitalizing perspective that clarifies career objectives, spotlights individual strengths, and strategically positions you for success in your desired field.

The tools and insights we share have a proven track record — they’ve helped past participants not only land job interviews but also secure solid job offers. With The Kinetic Methods, you’re not just searching for a job; you’re paving a pathway to professional fulfillment and triumph.

What You will Gain:

Clear Job Search Strategy

Many job seekers approach the hunt haphazardly. The Kinetic Methods offer a structured, strategic approach, focusing your energy on targeted goals.

Effective Resumes & Cover Letters

These methods guide you in crafting compelling documents that align with modern recruitment practices and resonate with hiring managers. If these key documents fail to capture attention and convey value, potential employers may overlook qualified candidates.

Optimized Online Presence

With a focus on LinkedIn optimization, the Kinetic Methods ensure your online profiles match your professional aspirations. A weak or misaligned online presence can undermine a job seeker's professional image, making them less appealing to prospective employers.

Networking Strategy

The Kinetic Methods provide practical advice on building and leveraging your online professional networks. Without effective networking strategies, job seekers miss out on potential opportunities and connections that could accelerate their job search.

Interview Confidence

The Kinetic Methods offer comprehensive strategies to build confidence and effectively communicate your value during interviews. Poor preparation or lack of effective communication during interviews can lead to missed opportunities, even for highly competent professionals.

Motivation and Accountability

Job hunting can be a draining process. These methods aim to keep your morale high by providing a clear path forward, ensuring you see progress along the way. The job hunt can be mentally exhausting, leading to decreased productivity and missed opportunities.

Preparation for Unexpected Job Loss

Job seekers can ensure they are prepared for any unexpected turns in their career, reducing the stress associated with sudden job loss. These methods ensure they are prepared for any unexpected turns in their career, reducing the stress associated with sudden job loss.

Knowing how to Navigate Career Transitions

Those looking to shift industries or roles often struggle to identify and articulate transferable skills, causing them to be overlooked. These methods help you identify transferable skills and articulate them effectively to potential employers.

Can the Kinetic Methods help me?

The Kinetic Methods are appropriate for all levels of job seekers.  It is designed to give confidence and structure to all job seekers, including:

Career Upgraders

Mid-career professionals who want to master crucial job search skills prior to starting their search for growth opportunities in their same industry so they approach the efforts with confidence and current best practices.

Job Search Preparers

Mid-career professionals who have not created or updated job search materials in 5 years or more and realize that what worked to land interviews back then is not working now.

Urgent Job Seekers

Mid-career professionals that have an immediate need for a new role and they’re either unprepared to apply with confidence or what approach they are using isn’t getting the necessary or expected results.

Career Transitions

Mid-career professionals that have reevaluated their goals and values and want to prepare new materials that better reflect their abilities to work in a new industry.

What results can I expect?

  • You will learn the strategy behind and the what, how, and why of successful, effective marketing materials creation in order to secure job interviews.
  • You will learn a reliable and repeatable method to create effective job search materials quickly that are befitting of your years of experience and skills.
  • You will create your own marketing materials, including LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter and understand how to create them on your own going forward.
  • You will increase self-awareness of your values and needs and gain confidence to prioritize them.
  • You will receive expert instruction, support, and accountability to ensure you understand all of this and produce these results for yourself.

Do the Kinetic Methods work?

Read recent and candid testimonials from recent customers.

I knew I was in good hands. Colin took the time to understand my career goals, strengths, and weaknesses and gave me valuable insight into the job application process. With his guidance, I could identify my unique selling points and craft a resume that showcased my skills and experience. Colin’s dedication to my success, professionalism, and expertise have made a difference in my career. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to take their job search to the next level.

Finn Watterson

Consultant, Resolution Media

Colin's Walk the Walk system is truly effective for crafting a targeted and accurate resume, but equally important to me was the care and attention he put in to helping me metabolize my past experience - paid work, volunteer, and managing a household - so that I could move forward with confidence and optimism in my job search. He asked insightful questions and was full of knowledge and suggestions. I never failed to leave one of our meetings feeling more optimistic and energized than I had been before.

Nelywn Del Frate

Administrative Support

In less than a month, I was INSANELY busy with recruiters and talent specialists reaching out to me, getting responses to many of the jobs I applied for, and going through the interview process. This was a very good problem to have! I went through multiple rounds in the interview process with multiple companies. I was speaking with someone daily for 3-4 weeks. While it was a whirlwind, it told me at least one thing: my resume and materials were very strong.

Joshua Shapiro

Senior Project Manager; Creative Operations, Mejuri

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