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Teaching mid-level professionals everything to know to maximize chances of job search success!

Unlock Your Full Potential in the Job Market

Instruction provided by

job search strategy consulting

Colin Murphy

Principal Job Search Strategist (A Best Impression) and Creator of the Kinetic Methods and Walk the Walk Pro. Colin has helped over 400 job seekers land interviews and offers for jobs that aligned better with each of their values and goals.

What is a Job Search Accelerator Bootcamp?

A Best Impression’s Job Search Preparation Bootcamp is a targeted, skill-enhancing program aimed at empowering job seekers with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to expedite their job search and increase their likelihood of securing desirable employment. 

Who will benefit from this course?

Career Upgrader

Master job search skills for industry growth with confidence and best practices.

Job Search Preparer

Update outdated materials for modern job market success.

Urgent Job Seeker

Immediate need for a role, seeking confidence and better results.

Career Transition

Need to prepare new materials that position them to work in a new industry.

What are the key elements this bootcamp provides that will help me succeed?

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course covers all essential aspects of a job search, including resume and cover letter writing, effective networking strategies, interview preparation, and optimizing online presence on platforms like LinkedIn.

Practical Application

You are encouraged to apply learned techniques in real-time, working on their actual job search materials and strategies throughout the course, even using what they learn to prepare and apply for an open role.

Personalized Feedback and Support

The bootcamp includes one-on-one coaching and group sessions where you receive tailored feedback and support on your job search strategies, marketing materials and online presence.

Skill Building

Focus on developing your hard skills (like resume writing) and soft skills (like communication and networking) that are crucial in a successful job search.

Accelerated Learning Environment

The course is designed to deliver results fast! This is achieved through focused, intensive learning modules and actionable steps.

Networking Opportunities

You'll be learning with and have opportunities to connect with other like-minded professionals and peers, which can lead to potential job leads and valuable professional relationships.

Accountability and Motivation

Structured to keep you motivated and accountable through weekly office hours, one-on-one private sessions, and suggested action items.

Resource Access

Access a wealth of proprietary and proven resources, including my own templates, custom guides, and job search insights.


Ultimately, the course aims to increase the chances of your landing suitable employment more quickly and effectively than you would on your own.

Learn it once. Leverage it for a lifetime!

The training includes:

What Students Say About Colin

Colin’s approach helps those looking to own their personal brand. He teaches clients to communicate how they can help organizations succeed in detail.

Stephen Bradley

The advice comes fast and is dense and is very logical, but I wouldn't have put this together myself without years of thinking about it and having ways to test it. I learned so much!

John Fortier
job search strategy consulting

Colin's program is a comprehensive deep-dive into job search strategy, in a positive, supportive environment. He doesn't just give you generic advice. [The bootcamp] delivers value beyond the 12 hours of the sessions, and I'm grateful to have an expert like Colin in my corner.

Brian Laudte
job search strategy consulting

Colin offers a helpful, detailed, and judgement free approach to job searching that really helped me reframe what I'm looking for in my next role and how to get there. I highly recommend working with him early on if you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start!

Ali Laffer

Meet Your Instructor

Colin Murphy

Job Search Strategist and Resume Expert

Colin Murphy is a job search strategist that helps professionals learn how to prepare superior marketing materials for an effective job search, designed to align with their goals and to brand themselves positively for hiring managers’ consideration. He is the principal consultant at A Best Impression ( and creator of Walk the Walk Pro ( and the Kinetic Methods.

Course Syllabus

Career Clarity & Criteria

Discover important insights into your career history and leverage them to identify better-aligned roles.

LinkedIn Optimization (2 sessions)

Take your insights and optimize your LinkedIn profile to become discoverable for the roles you want and be easily scannable by recruiters and professional visiting your profile.

Strategic Networking

Use your improved profile to introduce yourself to strategically selected employees at your target companies that can resolve your assumptions and provide the crucial referral.

Walk the Walk Resume and Cover Letter (2 sessions)

Learn how to create a competitive resume quickly and effectively for ATS and to appeal to a recruiter. Then you're ready to achieve job search success!

Course Schedule

Expected Curriculum

Session and Subject

Suggested Action Items

~2 hours per week

You are encouraged to complete all of the suggested action items prior to the next session to get optimal results from this course.

Additional Support

Get your specific questions answered in a private one-on-one coaching session. 

Weekly open ‘office hour’ to get additional help and support from Colin and other job seekers.

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Job Search Preparation Bootcamp - Get The Job You Want Efficiently & Effectively

Cohort Learning Opportunities Available Quarterly

Diverse Perspectives

Benefit from a diverse group of peers, bringing different experiences and viewpoints to discussions!

Collaborative Learning

Group learning fosters collaboration and teamwork!

Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network and build valuable connections!

Motivation and Accountability

Stay engaged and motivated to complete assignments, and attend sessions regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual cohort learning course?

A virtual cohort learning course is an online program where a group of participants work together through a series of sessions to learn and achieve specific goals.

How long does the course last, and how many sessions are there?

This course consists of 6 sessions, with each session typically lasting a set duration between 90 minutes and 2 hours each.

What topics or subjects does the course cover?

You will learn the following topics:

  1. Career Clarity
  2. LinkedIn Optimization
  3. Strategic Networking
  4. Resume Writing 
  5. Cover Letter

How do virtual cohort courses differ from traditional online courses?

Virtual cohort courses emphasize group collaboration, peer learning, and a structured schedule, providing a more interactive and community-based learning experience.

What technology or software do I need to participate?

You will need the following materials and proficiencies to maximize your learning from this course:

  • Laptop
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Desk
  • Reliable Wifi
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Google account
  • Google Drive Proficiency 

What is the schedule for the sessions?

The sessions will occur on a set weekly schedule, typically Monday and Thursday evenings.  This will allow you to complete the suggested action items and provide learning momentum.

What happens if I miss a session?

Recordings of each session will be available in your shared folder with a document with suggested action items.

Is there any pre-course work or materials I should review before the first session?

You will be given access to your shared folder prior to the first session and you will receive an email with all instructions of what needs to be completed.

Will there be opportunities for interaction and networking with other participants?

Absolutely! It's encouraged to interact with your fellow cohort attendees, and a private group Slack channel will be available for you to connect and network.

How many job seekers are in each cohort?

Cohorts will be limited to a set number of students to ensure you have an optimal learning experience.

Is there any homework or assignments between sessions?

There will be non-mandatory action items designed to prepare you for the next session and to help you get the most out of the cohort learning experience.  It is strongly encouraged to complete these assignments.

What can I expect to gain from completing this cohort learning course?

You will learn about all of the different elements of a job search, including how your online presence influences recruiters, how your marketing materials should be presented, and best practices to make sure that all elements are strong and supporting your efforts. You will gain confidence and new skills, along with expert support.

How do I enroll in the course, and what is the cost?

Enroll below!  The cost of the course is $499.  Discounts may be promoted to newsletter subscribers.  You can sign up for newsletters below.

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Job Search Preparation Bootcamp - Get The Job You Want Efficiently & Effectively