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Can’t I Learn This On My Own?

job search strategy consulting

Absolutely!  You can absolutely learn how to search for, apply for, inteview for, and negotiate a job offer on your own.

This isn’t rocket science.  But you can learn rocket science, too, if you really want to.

When it comes to job search, you can watch videos and read articles but it would get you 65 to 70% of the way there.

You will still need to figure out all the tools that you specifically need given your use case so now you have to take time to watch all the videos and read the posts and articles and kind of piece together the answers and then test it out, trial and error and make a bunch of mistakes, which will cost you time and money.

Plus you’re sacrificing opportunity costs, because if you just had a custom solution delivered to you that you could implement in the next few weeks, then maybe you could have gotten to the results that you’re hoping for 6 months faster than you trial and erroring everything on your own and probably spending a lot of time and money.